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1st solo show of VOJTECH LOPOUR curated by Vogue CS.
Title of the show is "Muscle memory,". The term muscle memory is defined as a type of movement that the muscles gradually store in memory, thanks to repetition over time. Therefore, when repeating a specific movement even after a long time, the body can adapt, based on the information stored in the memory. This term was my inspiration and also describes the feeling of returning home after years abroad. Different habits, different city, different life, different movements. With the collection, I metaphorically look back on my journey abroad, my studies, and at the same time I absorb the start in the old place, from which I left for a while. Silhouettes and cuts are inspired from the past collection, from past movements, and put together pieces that didn't make it to the previous collection. The collection represents movement, looking back at the lost path, and at the same time looking to the future for a new start in the old city.

The collection will also feature two Prague buildings that have a role in my journey and life and at the same time inspire me.


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