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Is a fashion designer who blends art and product design in his work. Graduated from ArtEZ University of the Arts Arnhem, NL in 2022. Since then, he showcased his collections in Amsterdam, Prague, Germany and Belgium. 

On september 15th last year, his fist solo show took place, titled "MUSCLE MEMORY" Curated by VOGUE CS.


Artez University of Arts Arnhem, alumni.(2022)

Finalist: Apolda European Design Award 2023, Germany.

Czech Grand Design Nominee, Fashion Designer of the year 2023. (MUSCLE MEMORY)

Finalist: VOGUE CS x PLOOM Design competition (26.03.2024)

Finalist: Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week x Van Graaf JUNIOR TALENT (20.04.2024)


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His work combines men's tailoring and sportswear. It draws inspiration from aerodynamic shapes, architecture, furniture and the functionality of everyday life.


His collections are made of premium, functional and unusual materials, such as carbon fiber, used in the automotive industry.

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