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The main source of inspiration for my graduation collection "FULL POTENTIAL" was my passion for sports/fitness, machines and sports cars. Fascination with the metaphor "the human body is a machine" and its further analysis was the main point of my interest. The garments in this collection feature aerodynamic shapes and automotive details and have been created from technical fabrics and functional materials such as carbon fiber (often used in the automotive industry to reduce weight and improve performance).
Machines are specifically designed to provide a function and every part inside the machine has a specific function and place, just like the human body. In my process, I think of clothing as a kind of machine, in this sense, with an emphasis on function and the relationship between the wearer and the garment to achieve overall well-being through clothing.
The full potential title expresses how I approach life in general and is related to my background in sports and my spirit. A fitness lifestyle and self-development requires an awareness of your body, nutrition and mind – the idea of treating your body like a machine, in a similar way to taking special care of a sports car.
I created this collection as very personal and almost autobiographical, with the intention of showing who I am as a designer, but also as a person, and to share my lifestyle and values that are important to me.

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